High quality wooden stakes

Manufacture of twisted wooden poles, impregnation of high pressure wood, manufacture of hunting towers, garden elements of wooden poles.


Latvia is always distinguished among other European countries by its beautiful, pristine nature, and not for nothing more than 53% of the entire territory of the country is covered by extensive, green forests.

Also SIA Kurzemes celinieks un buvnieks is located in one of the richest parts of Latvia the Baltic Seawashed Kurzeme coast in Pavilosta.

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Our goal is to produce high quality timber, which will be welcomed and selected by the most demanding Latvian and foreign customers.

Rounded wood poles

Half rounded poles


Garden elements

Hunting towers



Impregnation services

The company offers roundwood impregnation services. They are done using high pressure impregnating technology. This protects the material from troupe, rot and various woody pests.

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