Impregnation of timber

The company offers log impregnation services, which are carried out using high-pressure impregnation technology.

Impregnation protects wood from rot and various wood pests.



The impregnation process begins with placing the timber in an autoclave chamber from which air is pumped out, thus creating a vacuum.


The next stage is the filling of the chamber with the impregnation solution, followed by a change in chamber pressure (12 bar), which remains for up to 2 hours. The duration of the pressure depends on the achievement of the required impregnation class.


The last stage of the process is pumping out the impregnation solution from the chamber and equalizing the pressure to atmospheric pressure.

High-pressure technology ensures the maximum penetration of the impregnation solution into the wood, which significantly extends the service life of the timber.

We work with German chemistry Wolman - one of the most modern and effective wood chemical treatment products in the world at the moment.

The color obtained after processing is brown or green.

The color obtained after processing is brown or green.


In 2022, we made investments:

  • The company bought a new 2022 Czech product high pressure impregnation autoclave.

The new devices provide modern automatic production possibilities, thus the product quality is always consistently high.

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